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I wanted to email you to say thank you for making such a great product.  I have just started using your belt on my 7 year old horse that has a incision hernia after colic surgery and it’s already helping.  I am now hopeful he won’t need a second surgery for repair.  I posted a photo of him and my friends said he looked like a model for the belt so of course I wanted to send you the photo.

Thank you again,

Shelley Sanderson


Here is a picture of Bob in his belt.  I am so delighted with it.  The quality and fit are amazing.  He wore it out in the field all night and it had not moved at all.

When I took it off for a check this morning all was well, no rubs anywhere. 

Thank you for such a well-designed product. 

Kindest regards,

Margaret Harvey

I managed to adjust the belt today quite easily, luckily he was a different animal. Yesterday he was the colt from hell but today he was excellent and no need to sedate him.
The belt is definitely working, thank you so much, the hernia has been pushed up. I will certainly spread the word about your heal belt. In fact, my vet was on the yard on Friday and she took a look at the colt and was amazed and delighted with his progress.  She thought it was a far better solution for
hernias rather than putting a horse through a big operation. Also, my Vet heard about you from our local Veterinary Hospital and they have used your belt with excellent results.  The Veterinary Hospital has an excellent reputation and a very large catchment area for operating on horses, so they definitely are recommending you. My vet was so thrilled with the colt that she said he will soon be in the show ring winning.  I can't thank you enough for the belt.

Fiona Livermore

My yearling filly had colic surgery, got a post op incision infection and dehisced resulting in three large hernias.  She also came home from the hospital with a pressure ulcer on her withers  that went down to the bone.

After almost losing her a couple times during the four month recovery period, I had become very attached to this sweet thoroughbred.  I took her for a surgical consult for the hernia and was told that she had an opening in her belly wall the size of a soup can, was not a surgical candidate and
would eventually have to be put down. 

My wonderful vet worked with New Bolton Center and they recommended your product.  We watched the video and , with tranquilizers at the ready, just in case we needed them, we put the belt on this unbroken yearling.  She never moved a muscle.  We had to teach her to lounge so we could complete the program-- because of the pressure ulcer problem, we had to make adjustments to your back pad to keep pressure off of this area.  We made substantial progress in the first six weeks.  As you can see from the photos the improvement was amazing.  Because the opening in her abdominal wall wasn't closed we had to continue the program for a few more weeks.  That Fall, she showed in Hunter Breeding Yearling Conformation and won top Pennsylvania yearling thoroughbred and Reserve Best Young Horse.

She is now a three year old going under saddle.  She has had not further
complications and has kept her wonderful sweet personality.  I am so grateful that we tried this belt-- it seemed like a real Hail Mary pass, but it worked for our filly, Wissie's Promise!

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Clark
Flower Hill Farm

My name is Stephanie Callen and I work at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in the UK.  CM Equine Products supplied us with a special hernia belt to help a long term patient of our Horse Hospital, called Josephine, recover from colic surgery.  She is doing well and is happily wearing her new belt.

Thank you for your support of Redwings and Josephine, if there’s anything else we can help with, please let me know.


Best wishes,



Stephanie Callen

Communications Officer

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

 Dr. John Hennessey from Hennessy Equine and Dr. Judith Koenig from the Large Animal Clinic, Ontario Veterinary College want to thank CM Equine for their generous donation of the Equine Hernia Belt to aid in the speedy recovery of Ahi, one of the many victims of the terrible barn fire in a Standardbred training facility in Puslinch, Ontario, Canada”


I ended up taking him to surgery around March 2019 again to repair his incisional hernia – he finally recovered from all the issues he had after being rescued from the fire and went on to race again for the first time since the barn fire over a year ago – and unbelievably he won, too!

Thank you again from us for your help.



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